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Falafel Patties are great for lunch or dinner served with a salad

I love being a Personal Chef and cooking up a feast for my clients to celebrate special occasions. We created the menu together based on organic farm to table seasonal ingredients. Everything was gluten free and vegan except the Double Layer Chocolate Cake with Maple Buttercream Frosting. You can see the menu below.

Greens in Tahini Sauce

Here I am after cooking for these wonderful women celebrating their dear friend’s last days as a bachelorette. (Since it was May, I made an Asparagus Risotto and swapped other ingredients to favor seasonal organic veggies.) In my 30 years of catering, I have never cooked the same menu. Some of my signature dishes are repeated, but always a different menu. Fun for me and that way clients get what they really love, a customized menu that meets their needs and also takes into consideration their dietary preferences.

Here is the Organic Vegetarian Menu:

Appetizer- Organic Cilantro Sun-dried Tomato & Olive Spread served with Veggie Sticks

Falafel Patties w/ Fresh Cilantro & Spices fried in Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

White Bean Salad w/ Fresh Fennel & Capers

Leafy Greens w/Garlic Tahini Sauce

Asparagus Risotto w/ Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms Served with Local, Organic Grass Raised Cheese

Dessert: Chocolate Double Layer Cakes

“I cannot thank you enough for sourcing and preparing such a wonderful meal for our party. Everyone loved the food, and our bride to be was over the moon to have you as part of her weekend. Everything was perfect. Thank you again!” Katelyn Atwater, Vermont

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