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Baba ganoush Salad with noodles with a twist

Frying up organic eggplant and blending it with organic garden fresh herbs: parsley, chives, and garlic chives, raw tahini, and ume vinegar makes a quick and easy, delicious, vegan dip.  Flavorful, farm to table, sweet carrots, local fermented pickles, and noodles create a gluten-free, beautiful, yummy meal. The noodles stand in for pita bread, a twist on the classic way to serve baba ganoush. And since black goes with everything, I chose Forbidden rice ramen. Plus, using alkalizing umeboshi vinegar and plenty of parsley balances  calcium draining eggplant for an eating your strong bones meal.

Last, but not least, I fried the eggplant in plenty of fair trade organic red balm oil and organic virgin olive oil until tender before blending it up with the herbs adding a rich flavor to the dip. Also, serving it up in a locally made wood bowl is divine.

Have a great organic feast!

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