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A few days ago, I started watching Chefs Table Pizza on Netflix. The chefs’ passion drew me in.

I enjoyed watching the care they took making their pizza doughs and how each chef looked to their local harvest and visited farms and farmers markets to create seasonal pizza toppings. 

One chef, in particular inspired my tomato sauce. I use to pressure cook the organic plum tomatoes for hours with onions and dried tomatoes. Add herbs. Season to taste. 

However this time, I pressure cooked the fresh picked organic tomatoes with dried tomatoes for about an hour. Turned it off. Went for a swim. 

When I came back, I simmered the tomatoes uncovered for 2 hours with pieces of organic dried shiitake mushrooms to drink up the tomato juices and add umami. I picked out the tomato skins by hand. Occasionally licking my fingers and then washing them before dipping into my sauce again. 

Then like, Franco Pepe, one of the chefs on Chefs Table, Pizza, I added fresh chopped organic basil. I did not cook the basil in the sauce. I added it in at the end of cooking along with a little sea salt to balance the flavors.

The sauce as you can see is very thick and dark.

And especially flavorful and deeply rich, since over 4 quarts of tomatoes simmered down to 3 pints of sauce.

Then, cooking from my heart and in a zone of oneness with the ingredients, I made a walnut pesto.  With a new way of grating all the ingredients into the food processor: first, I grated the garlic with the local grass raised organic cheese. Then I added and ground the walnuts before changing the blade. Never did it like this, but will do it like that again.

Then, I added lots of fresh picked basil, organic virgin olive oil, and sea salt. Blended and delighted in the flavor.

With organic red lentil and rice linguini, I prepared this gluten free, vegetarian dish for dinner.

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