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These salads in jars is for one of my weekly Personal Chef Clients’ favorites.
She enjoys flipping it into her bowl when she’s ready to eat it for lunch at work.
Been cooking vegan lunches for her for months now, and she is happy with a delicious, seasonal variety of healthy meals.
Every time, I make salads in a jars for her, the organic veggies changes with the seasons, depending on what is fresh. 
Here we have Jacobs’ cattle beans from my local organic grain and bean CSA.
Cooking the beans from scratch, I always soak them overnight in sea salt to hold their shape. In the morning, I rinse the beans well and cook them with kelp seaweed to aid digestion and enhance their flavor.
The veggies in this video are a combination from my organic garden and my organic CSA, The Brookfield farm: carrots, salad turnips, and green bell peppers.
I created a creamy, nondairy, nutritional yeast & garlic gluten-free dressing for this salad, which also taste great on green salads.
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