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Happy Summer! I have spent everyday happily gardening. Nurturing organic vegetables, herbs, garlic, edible and perennial flowers. Nibbling on wild berries, too. Lots of swimming and of course, lots of gratitude. Visits from clients coming to enjoy a luxurious organic gourmet retreat, teaching private cooking classes, and being a Personal Chef, catering vegan and vegetarian farm to table dinner parties for 1-2 dozen people.

These photos were taken this summer (2019) by Tracey Eller with me in my one of my dozen (12) perennial flower gardens that surround my home. Most of them are on the south side. This is one of them, viewed from my south facing deck of my passive solar natural home.

I also have about a dozen of no till organic raised beds growing vegetables, edibles flowers and herbs. You will have to visit to see them all. Can you imagine the fun of picking fresh flowers; filling vases everywhere you want. Picking fresh produce to cook and eat for your meals. That is only part of the fun I am offering for your Luxurious Organic Retreat with me.


Photos by Tracey Eller

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