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This is George. He came to me as a client wanting to create a vegan product. He brought his “oat almond cinnamon date” topping that he wanted me to help him perfect. After talking to George and getting an idea of what he was looking for we went into my kitchen to fine tune the recipe. There he pulled out all the ingredients he brought for me to use to make a tastier, crunchier vegan raw topping.

All the ingredients he brought were not organic, and lacked flavor. His partner was worried about the bottom line, cost. We did a blind test taste of organic rolled oats that I had gotten at the local coop and the gluten-free rolled oats he had. Organic raw almonds vs the non organic slivered almonds he had. He brought a plastic jar of cinnamon that had no flavor and he had already known about organic Vietnamese cinnamon. We could use a lot less of the organic Vietnamese cinnamon and his recipe would have more flavor, which would save him money and be a good choice for the planet. I also substituted organic pitted dates for the dried out dates he brought that were not organic and lacked flavor and energy. We talked about making the topping more protein-rich. I suggested adding organic chia seeds eliminating the rolled oats& adding more organic almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Without giving out the recipe away that I created for him, we now had an all organic product, which was gluten free and had no added sugar . Tasted great, and probably would save him money producing. As you can see George was happy with the results.


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