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Red and Gold Leaves Impressionistic Nature Photography

Red and Gold Leaves by Leslie Cerier. This is a fine art photograph print that looks like an impressionist painting.

Our staff at Healthcare Art Consulting really enjoyed collaborating with Leslie; she is wonderful to work with and was very professional. Her artwork helps enhance a calming environment for patients to enjoy during their treatment.

–  Sarah Beth Joynar, President of Health Care Art Consulting LLC, which bought Red and Gold Leaves by Leslie Cerier printed on canvas, 60″x40″, for the new Oncology Wing in Charleston area Medical Center in West Virginia in 2014

The hospital chose to hang Red and Gold Leaves as a vertical 60″x 40″ pictured above in their new hospital wing. Can you imagine this as a 60″x 40″ print hung in your living room?   

Red and Gold Leaves by Leslie Cerier is also available in prints of all sizes from note cards to 60″x40″ matted giclee prints and cotton canvas prints. You may order cotton canvas prints ready to stretch and hang or already stretched and ready to hang with multiple wires in the back for you to hang as a horizontal and vertical.

Please email for sizes available from sets of note cards, giclees and canvas prints & prices with shipping. Thanks!

The creative process does not end with Leslie Cerier. You can hang Red and Gold Leaves as a vertical or horizontal. Click here to see it in this blog post as a horizontal.

Please call 413-259-1695, or email to place your order, make an appointment to visit Leslie’s gallery, or for shipping rates, for custom sizes or any other information.

Print Sizes can go up to 60 ” x 40″ for $1500.

Please email to place your order; arrange a pick up, or a delivery for your print today.

Size Matted Unmatted
mat size 11″ x 14″image size approx. 7″ x 9″ $100 $ 75
mat size 16″ x 20″image size approximately 10″ x 13″ $125 $100
mat size 18″ x 24″image size approximately 11″ x 15″ $160 $125
Custom sizes are also available. Please email to discuss your requirements.

Note cards are 1/$4, 3/$10, 6/$20, 10/$30, and can be mixed and matched with Leslie’s other Impressionistic nature note cards.

Copyright Red and Gold Leaves © 2004 Leslie Cerier. All Rights Reserved.



Light. Water. Transformation.

When I take my camera into the woods, I feel my connection with the forest. It’s like meditating – a way to get back to my own true nature. The sun calls me to a particular spot and I click the shutter when I see that rich, afternoon light … dancing light. Most of these photographs are taken within walking distance of my Western Massachusetts home. They are a celebration of New England seen through the eye of my heart. My work is about inspiration and healing – about being so present in the moment that everything vibrates and shines. These photographs are about sun light. I see perfection in nature – patterns – artistic jewels that reveal themselves.

My grandmother painted copies of Impressionist paintings by Monet, Degas, Renoir, and Cezanne. Her apartment on the beach was decorated with her beautiful artwork and those paintings live inside of me. My mother always encouraged me to be original and creative. When I was a little girl, I was given a camera instead of a paintbrush. Like the Impressionists, I am passionate about light, water and landscapes. My photography is a reflection of the peaceful energy I find in the woods. Living in the moment, I capture beauty as I click the shutter. These images can be looked at from different angles. There is no one right way to explore them. Please relax, take your time, have fun. I invite you to look for faces and figures; there are jewels in the water.

When you buy my work, feel free to hang it any way you like. The creative process doesn’t end with Leslie Cerier. I hope my impressionistic photography brings you great joy.

Available in any size from note cards up to 60″ x 40″ on cotton canvas or giclee print.

Shipping costs vary depending on your location. I welcome International sales and anywhere in the USA

Please email to place your order; arrange a pick up, or a delivery for your print today.

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