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website builder African Spiced Teff and Vegetable Loaf

This week, I cooked some delicious food as medicine for a new client. She has many food sensitivities and food preferences. Including no hot pepper. 

I had fun reinventing the African Spiced Teff and Vegetable Loaf that I developed for the Teff Company.

As the seasons change, I also change the vegetables that I cook.

Now being late autumn in New England, I simmered local, organic, sweet potatoes and collard greens with teff. Swapping out summer squash and chard. 

First, I fried fennel seeds and cumin seeds in ghee to flavor the dish. Then added coriander powder, sliced garlic, fenugreek, and stirred in the teff to infuse it with the flavorful spices, before adding boiling water and simmering it with the thinly sliced sweet potatoes and sea salt.

At the end of cooking, I added the chopped collard greens and cilantro. 


Slow cooking and cooking with love made the dish extra special.

Everyone would love it.

Thanks to Tracey Eller for the Photo.

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