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This refreshing organic sea veggie salad included veggies from the local organic harvest. Arame, a mild flavored sea vegetable enhances the nutrition, and everyone at the party loved it.

Goji berries also added antioxidants and a little red color to the salad.

Since my friends hosting the potluck do not eat garlic or scallions, I seasoned the salad with cilantro and thai basil from my organic garden. Peppery, orange nasturtium flowers made a beautiful and tasty garnish.

Using a smaller amount of the thai basil was a delicious treat.

And the red cabbage, fresh corn from my organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), The Brookfield Farm and organic tofu made this a main course salad, a delicious dish for the festive gathering.

Toasted sesame oil, umeboshi vinegar and yuzu rice vinegar made a juicy marinated dressing.

I love making this salad. Changing the veggies and herbs with the season.

In the fall, when the fresh, young organic ginger and turmeric are harvested, I like to add those spices with fresh ground organic black pepper.

Scallions and chives are also wonderful additions. This juicy salad is truly a sea vegetable celebration.

Sea Vegetable Celebration Cookbook


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