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Here’s my mantra: let the food guide the recipe. For instance, one evening I went down to the kitchen to make dinner. Since it was already late, my idea was to make a quick vegan meal of sauteéd garden vegetables, pasta and edamame.

Garden Fresh Vegetable Saute

With a splash of extra virgin olive oil in the cast iron skillet, I quickly sautéed thick slices of my own home grown garlic, added sliced rounds of carrots and that wonderful quick cooking skinny eggplant, from my CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). After letting the dish fry for a while, I added fresh ground pepper, Celtic sea salt, some zucchini, red bell pepper and tai soi. Within minutes, the vegetables turned their peak bright colors, I tasted the eggplant and it was tender. Ready to eat!

I took my cues from nature, blending vegetables and spices in season for a pleasing combination served over noodles with a side of edamame. Caught up in my senses, I merged with the colors and textures of the fresh foods on hand. Easy and delicious, the sauté organically evolved into a seasonal feast.

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