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Monet’s Spring by Leslie Cerier; Copyright © 2016 Leslie Cerier. All Rights Reserved to Leslie Cerier.

Above, Monet’s Spring as a vertical looks shamanic, spring green moss water reflection on a shallow stream in Western MA Can you see the Chagall Like hound? And the faces in the water?

Here is Monet’s Spring as a horizontal image, the way I shot it. Spring Green Moss with a shallow stream moving over the rocks in peak sunlight. This is one of Leslie Cerier’s Impressionistic Nature photographs that hangs in the Master Bedroom Suite that folks enjoy when they come and stay for a Gourmet Getaway

When Leslie was a little girl, she was given a camera instead of a paintbrush. Like the Impressionists, she is passionate about light, water and landscapes.

Leslie’s Impressionistic Nature photography is a reflection of the peaceful energy she finds in the woods. These images can be looked at from different angles. There is no one right way to explore them. Please relax, take your time, have fun. Look for faces and figures; there are jewels in the water.

When you come for a Gourmet Getaway, you are welcome to buy the art off the wall.

Feel free to hang it any way you like. The creative process doesn’t end with Leslie Cerier.

Leslie wishes that her impressionistic photography brings you great joy.

Email Leslie to buy her Archival, Fine Art for Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Collectors, Art Consultants, Feng Shui Consultants and The Design Trade   

Click here for prices and to see Photographing the Jewels in the Water, Leslie’s digital story on her Impressionistic Nature Photographs.

 Capturing the Soul of the Moment. Impressionistic Nature Photography for Inspiration and Healing

Email Leslie or Call Leslie at 413-259-1695 (no texts) for more information on booking your Gourmet Getaway

You are welcome to Email Leslie to set up an appointment to visit my gallery and buy my artwork. 

Nourishing Sustainability through beauty. Leslie Cerier is an award-winning photographer organic gourmet vegetarian farm to table chef, cooking teacher, wellness coach, recipe developer, and environmentalist,





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