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Standing Still, Finding Balance In the midst of a massive home renovation, I have noticed how easily one can get off balance. The contractor and I did not see eye to eye on certain choices that he made. Therefore, in compromising, my core beliefs, all of a sudden I realized that I was out of balance. I was not adhering to my sensual nature, nor to my standards I have for my home. From the materials (ingredients) that he used and the reckless way he used them, I realized that if I had made a meal like that, it would not have been a nurturing or even yummy meal. Sometimes, it is all about slowing down. In his quest to get the job done, he compromised craftsmanship and service. How often do we do that in our daily lives without noticing? How often do you grab for that muffin on the run, processed snacks, or more caffeine to keep going?

This renovation became an opportunity for me to find stillness in the midst of the chaos. How I found the balance was from the fantastic emotional and mental support I got from family and friends. What I learned is that while I am not a carpenter, I have come to rely on my intuition and inner knowing. The same holds true when cooking. Stillness is one vital ingredient. Taking the time to select healthful ingredients, and smelling the spices, tasting the recipe along the way and presenting it artfully is the best way to nourish our being.

When I finally stood still, in the midst of it all. I could connect to my generosity and gratitude. And through that, I shifted into balance, which is the peace I want to cook, eat and be.

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