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Minestrone photo by Natalie from Spice It Up

For my Spice it Up, Creative Cooking with Herbs and Spices hands on Vegetarian Cooking class, March 17, 2019, we created a twist on a classic minestrone. Using a little strip of tasty and mineral rich dulse sea vegetable, a pinch of organic saffron and organic bay leaves to simmer and flavor the lentils. Once the lentils began to soften, we added organic grated sweet potatoes, sliced onions and potatoes. When the vegetables were tender, we added organic diced tomatoes, water, sea salt and fresh chopped rosemary and dried herbs: oregano, basil, thyme, and fresh ground black peppercorns. Turned off the heat. Added a handful of organic quinoa macaroni to expand and cook from the residual heat. Eco- cooking tip! We went on to cook up another dish, the curried lentil and vegetable dish cooked in Leslie’s chai.

Later, we all tasted the minestrone. The macaronis were perfectly cooked, and we agreed to add some more salt and basil for more flavor.
Then we sautéed organic garlic from my organic garden with tender kale I had gotten from the farmers market with organic extra virgin olive oil and added it the the Minestrone to enhance the yum and nutrition.

Then, if you are vegetarian, you can top the Minestrone with pastured raised organic cheese like Grace cheese from one of my favorite local, artisan cheese makers.

Organic Minestrone with Kale
Minestrone with Organic Artisan Cheese

What A Delicious! & Fun Class! ? Enjoyed~ Your expertise, calmness, creativity & the freshest of Organic ingredients!~ ?Thank you~ Pat Antaya, Sutton MA

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