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“I really enjoyed both the content and seeing you do what you do so well. Your teaching style is accessible and warm. You communicate your delight in cooking as art, and you extend your confidence to each of us to be artful cooks as well.  Wow!  Thank you.” 

-Mara, Wendell, MA

“Wow that chai has been a hit! I love how your class infused this week’s cooking with a new enthusiasm!  I made a lentil curry, too. Best to you!”

-Dinah and Noah, CA
Love your class!!!
-Patti, Goshen, MA
“Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful class last night.  You are a great teacher and I learned some very valuable information (raw turmeric, Jerusalem artichokes, chai tea, etc.). It has only been in the last year or so that I have begun expanding my vegetarian repertoire.  All of my and my husband’s grandparents came from Italy.  As a result, our vegetarian cooking so far has had an Italian twist (potato or spinach torte, sautéing wonderful, fresh collard greens with good olive oil & garlic and mixing with pasta, stuffed green peppers, etc.).  You’ve begun to expand my horizons!
Equally important, however, is your attitude about being in the kitchen.  It should be fun, relaxed and sensual, an approach which I heartily endorse.
I definitely look forward to taking more courses with you. “
– Bob, Pelham, MA
“Thanks Leslie, that was lovely! Highlight of my weekend :)”
-Susan, Brooklyn, NY

“Thanks for doing the class!! It was a lot of fun! And delicious!”

Irina, Amherst, MA

“Leslie, tonight was wonderful thank you.”

Tara, Florence, MA

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