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2509_l2The common item that can be found in the kitchen of most chefs and mothers is the cast iron cookware.

So when did this kind of kitchenware invented? Cast iron cookware has been around as early as 206 BC when the China’s Han dynasty used cast iron pans for cooking.  Before kitchen stoves were used for preparing food, people cook over the fireplace or hearth that’s why it is essential to use a durable cookware that can retain heat. The popularity of cast iron cookware began during the mid 20th century, but it was later on overshadowed by modern non-stick cookware. Some people find cast iron pans to be old fashioned, but many health experts including Eating Well Magazine nutrition editor Keri-Ann Jennings, recommend this over other non-stick pans.

So why choose a cast iron cookware?

Here are some reasons why this kind of cooking item is still preferred by many chefs and eco-friendly moms.

Less Oil Consumption

Health buffs and environmentalists are huge fans of cast iron pans because they use less oil when frying vegetables like potatoes. To prepare the cast iron pan, you just need to put kosher salt and cooking oil (half an inch) on the base of the pan. Once you see the smoke from the pan, remove the oil and salt, then wipe the inside of the pan using paper towels.


Unlike other on-stick cookware, the cast iron cookware is free from harmful chemicals. Other non-stick pans contain PFCs (perfluoricarbons) that can cause cancer, developmental problems, liver damage, and early menopause. This kind of chemical can be released when the pans are heated or when the surface gets scratched. Thus, there are two ways on how we can get that chemical in our system – either by inhaling or ingesting.

Easy to Clean

Since there isn’t anything sticking inside the cast iron pan, that makes it easier to clean. You don’t even need to use dish soap when cleaning it. All you have to do is use a scrub and hot water to clean the pan.

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