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Leslie Cerier planting in her organic gardens

The Organic Gourmet in her gardens planting

This is the first year I grew many of my own organic seedlings. With Covid 19, I was not sure there would be a Farmers Market, where I usually go to buy my plant starts.

I learned a lot and successfully grew 3 different kinds of kale starts: lacinato, curly, and red Russian; arugula, calendula, nasturtium edible flowers and 3 kinds of basil: tulsi, Thai and sweet.

Luckily, I was also able to buy some other organic plants from other organic local growers. Supporting the local farmers buying plant starts: tomatoes, summer squash, cauliflower, cucumbers, rosemary and more.

My 13 raised beds are just about full.

I love gardening: planting, watering and watching plants grow. Reading up on companion planting, I improvised. Sometimes, planting in rows. Other times, creating designs of veggies, herbs and flowers. 

All and all, I love digging in the dirt and putting my hands in the soil. Healthy fun, and deeply nourishing! 

I hope that when the Pandemic is over, I can resume teaching hands on organic garden to table cooking classes and offering gourmet getaways again.

In the meantime, meet me on Zoom for classes.

Please stay well, informed and happy. 





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