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I want to put in another plug for enhancing our immune systems with eating luscious organic local foods plus other delicious foods as supplements/medicines, a way to stay healthy and even fight off infections from tick bites.

Here is my story:

Wednesday afternoon, I found something stuck in my knee. A little something, that I foolishly tried to pull off with my finger nails, and was unsuccessful in getting out the whole thing. Looked like a little black splinter was left. I tried to tweeze it out, but couldn’t inflict pain to myself so I stopped and put some herbal salve on it and a band aid. On Thursday early evening I hung out with a friend, who happens to be a hospice nurse and asked her to look at it. She thought it might be a spider bite, and looked at the swelling and recommended that I put tea tree oil on it. No band aids. Also, if the swelling gets worse, to go to the emergency room the next day

I swabbed it with tea tree oil 2 more times during the night and in the morning. It looked better, less swollen.

I made an appointment with my doctor for her to check it since it was still a little swollen, but not as much as it was the night before.

At the doctor’s office, I passed on the medical assistant checking my vital signs, since I felt fine and wanted her to check the insect bite. When the doctor finally came in, she said it was a tick bite and that it was healing. My immune system was taking care of it. Whatever I was doing to keep it up. Use the tea tree oil and take a bath in epsom salts or put a wet cloth on it with epsom salts. I suggested putting on some wet kelp seaweed and she agreed that could be good, too.

She also said that she would have put me on antibiotics if it was more infected. Thank goodness I did not need that.

I have been outside throwing wood in the shed for a couple of hours and feel fine, relieved that it is healing and that my diet that strengthens my immune system was taking care of me.

Hope your immune systems are taking care of you, too.


Photos by Tracey Eller

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