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Under the Forest Canopy by Leslie Cerier; Copyright © 2010 Leslie Cerier. All Rights Reserved to Leslie Cerier.

Last week, when winter turned to summer, I took a hike with a dear friend on a nearby shaded forest trail surrounded with cool shallow streams. In Shutesbury, MA, near my home, there are lots of trails in the woods. It was good to be Under the Forest Canopy, connecting with my friend, getting some exercise amidst the beauty of the woods. We walked right by the spot I took this photograph. A nice memory. A sweet hike.

Many of my Impressionistic Nature Photographs are taken on hikes near my home. They are a celebration of New England seen through the eye of my heart. My artwork is about being so present in the moment that everything vibrates and shines. These photographs are about sun light. The black in Under the Forest Canopy comes from the trees above.

And since this is a “painting with light” photograph of sunlight on a moving stream, you can hang and look at it from different angles. There is no one right way to explore them. Please relax, take your time, have fun. I invite you to look for faces and figures; there are jewels in the water.

When you buy my work, feel free to hang it any way you like. The creative process doesn’t end with Leslie Cerier. I hope my impressionistic photography brings you great joy.

There are 20 images in Leslie’s series of Impressionistic Nature Photograph that hang in her home gallery, the organic B&B, where folks come to stay for retreat, private hands on farm to table cooking lessons, gourmet getaway weekend and wellness coaching.

Some guests have bought art off the wall. Please Email Leslie to buy her Archival, Fine Art for Homes, Offices, Hospitals, Hotels, Spas, Restaurants, Collectors, Art Consultants, Feng Shui Consultants and The Design Trade   

Click here for prices and to see Photographing the Jewels in the Water, Leslie’s digital story on her Impressionistic Nature Photographs.

Testimonials for Leslie’s Cerier’s Impressionistic Nature Photography

Our staff at Healthcare Art Consulting really enjoyed collaborating with Leslie she is wonderful to work with and was very professional. Her artwork helps enhance a calming environment for patients to enjoy during their treatment.

–  Sarah Beth Joynar, President of Health Care Art Consulting LLC, which bought Red and Gold Leaves printed on canvas, 60″x40″, for the new Oncology Wing in Charleston area Medical Center in West Virginia in 2014

Leslie’s nature photography is stunningly surreal. The vibrant colors strongly suggest a painting, yet this is nature photography in a very impressionistic style. I am thoroughly pleased with the purchase!

– John Broucek, Shutesbury, MA

When my mother first mentioned to me that she was gathering testimonials about her work for her website and wanted to know if write one. I thought to myself; I feel this calm state of mind and I go to a whole other place for a bit when I look at her work. But, is that because she is my mom and I am deeply inspired by her? Is it biased that I am incredibly touched and moved by her work in Western MA How do I accurately portray what a gift and a blessing it feels like to wake up to her work every day, to be able to look on my walls and feel her energy and take part in her beautiful gifted eye? But then, as I thought about it more I realized it’s not just me who appreciates and feels the magic she captures in her photography. It is everyone who comes over. There is not one person who has entered my home who has not commented on at least one of my mothers pieces of artwork. There is not one client who’s entered my massage room who is not mentioned something about the work hanging in the treatment room. She sees and captures the moment in such a creative way. I feel extremely lucky to have her work all around me and to share the magic she offers in her work with so many others. If you do not yet have a piece of Leslie Cerier’s artwork , I highly highly HIGHLY recommend purchasing one (or more than one for that matter ) The energy she captures is truly magical. By putting Leslie Cerier’s work in your home or office, you WILL truly up the vibration of your space.

– Emily Huber, Brooklyn New York

”Two of Leslie’s photos, “Red and Gold Leaves” and “Jeweled Water”, printed large on canvas, adorn the walls of my home. The colors, light and movement draw me in. The impressionistic nature of her images invite my eyes to discover likenesses of faces and other beings within the piece. These images remain ever fresh and alive.”

– Marcia Wolf, Northampton, MA

“Leslie’s photographs capture the essence of water that I love. Always changing, always alive. Inviting mesmerizing patterns, colors and reflection.

Each piece has a life of its own, and welcomes me into it. Look closely and see the little faces of creatures not of this world…shape shifting, here in the moment, then merged into another. Leslie’s work is an invitation to presence. Her Impressionistic Nature Photography captures the aliveness that surrounds us. ”

I love her work so much 3 large prints grace my home. “Red and Gold Leaves”, “Jeweled Water”, and “Red Cardinal”

-Eileen Jager
Artist, Coach, Consultant

Click here for prices and to see Photographing the Jewels in the Water, Leslie’s digital story on her Impressionistic Nature Photographs.


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