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Tofu Vegetable Kebobs

Tofu is versatile, fun and easy to prepare.

You can make infinite flavorful and satisfying vegetarian, vegan, plant based and gluten free dishes.

From creamy non dairy dips, dressings and puddings to main course savory vegetable pies, kebobs and more.

And if you are looking for more meatless meals, swap tofu for meat in quicker cooking stir fries. Perfect for quick and easy weekday meals.

Available in different textures. From silky to extra firm, it is a wonderful vegetarian protein to add to your diet.

That is why tofu is a staple in many plant based, vegan and vegetarian diets.

You can cube extra firm tofu.

Marinate it in salads.

Put in on kebobs. With colorful seasonal vegetables like bell peppers, summer squash, and mushrooms, it is great grilled.

And marinated tofu salads are simple to make for picnics and pot lucks.

Even, today, I read an article in the recent New York Times Food Section on preparing tofu.

This reminded of numerous recipes that I have created for organic and natural food companies.

For example, Vegetable Kebobs for Coombs Family Farms using their delicious dark organic maple syrup in a marinade.  

And for The Teff Company, I blended tofu with herbs and spices for a tasty main course Shiitake Mushroom Pie. With a savory teff pie crust, the vegan and gluten free dish is easy to make, too.

These days, it is great to have vegan and gluten free dishes that everyone can eat and enjoy.

And you can also whip tofu into a sweet non dairy whipped creamy topping, too.

Another one of my favorite ways to cook tofu is for breakfast.

Tofu Vegetable Scrambles served on corn tortillas is a great vegetarian and gluten free breakfast.

Adding turmeric to the sautéed tofu scramble turns the tofu a beautiful yellow orange color. Especially with the addition of fresh ground black pepper; turmeric adds anti-inflammatory health benefits.

In fact, tofu is like a sponge. It soaks up the flavors of herbs and spices.

Creating globally flavored dishes with tofu is fun and easy.


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