Gluten-Free Grains for Everyone

Leslie on Mass Appeal TV explaining how to cook like an artist and other cooking tips for nutritious, delicious Gluten-Free Grains for Everyone

Understanding sugar substitutes

If you’re trying to cut back on sugar, or if you or someone you know suffers from diabetes, you may consider alternate ways to sweeten your food. Leslie Cerier on Mass Appeal TV tells us all about sugar substitutes.

Diabetic friendly dessert!

Looking for a delicious snack or dessert? Leslie Cerier on Mass Appeal TV shows us how to make Honey Hazelnut Treats, a quick and easy, gluten-free, diabetic friendly dessert everyone loves.

“How to Make Healthy Truffles”

Dark chocolate isn’t just delicious, it’s great for your heart. Leslie Cerier on Mass Appeal, NBC TV Affiliate January 2012 shows how to make your own truffles with cacao, coconut oil, maca, and other super organic foods for your health, vitality and pleasure.

“Spice It Up!”
Learn how to use spices and create tasty dishes with seasonal ingredients. Garlic, ginger and coriander make a tasty dressing for an Asian cabbage slaw with gogi berries. See how you can swap coriander for cilantro. Cooking tips for cooking with spices: how to fix dishes that are bland or too spicy and lots more.

Quinoa and Shiitake Mushroom Pilaf

Leslie cooks with Locally Grown Organic Foods and offers chopping tips on Mass Appeal, NBC affiliate TV Nov 2010

Cooking with Quinoa

How to make Lemony Quinoa Salad with Sunflower Seeds. Leslie offers nutrition, history and cooking techniques for red and tan varieties of quinoa on WGBY-TV, PBS Sept 2009

How to Make Garlicky Potato Soup with Fresh Nettles

Nutrition, cooking and harvesting tips for wild nettles with Leslie in her country kitchen Spring 2009

Day Lillies are edible, beautiful and delicious in salads.

Leslie in her edible flower garden Summer 2011

Calendula Flowers are Like Eating Sunshine

Leslie in her edible flower garden shows you varieties of Calendula flowers and talks about putting the Calendula petals in sandwiches, salads, marinated dried tomatoes. Summer 2011

Nasturtiums are Delicious Edible Flowers

Snack and decorate salads and main courses with nasturtium leaves and flowers. Leslie in her organic garden amongst the nasturtium flowers Summer 2011

Bee Balm, delicious Edible Flowers. Comes in several colors and flavors

Leslie shows you 3 different varieties of Bee Balm in her edible flower garden Summer 2011

How to Harvest Fresh Herbs

Tips for harvesting herbs with Leslie in her kitchen herb garden Summer 2011

How to Make Flavored Oils and Vinegars

Leslie shows you how in her country kitchen and organic garden summer 2009

How to Make Blueberry Vinegar with Edible Flowers

Nutrition and Cooking tips for making your own Flavored Vinegar with Blueberries. Leslie in her country kitchen and organic garden summer 2009

Tomato Lentil Stew with Kale

How to make a quick and easy warming Tomato Lentil Soup/Stew with Kale: nutrition information, chopping techniques, and cooking beans from scratch with spices. Leslie on Mass Appeal, NBC TV Affiliate Winter 2011

Photographing the Jewels in the Water

3 minute digital story narrated by Leslie on her Impressionistic Photography

Light, Water and Transformation
When I take my camera into the woods, I feel my connection with the forest. It’s like meditating – a way to get back to my own true nature.

Thanks for watching and have a great organic feast!