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Asian Greens grow in a greenhouse

Today I took a sweet hike out my back door into the fresh air of the forest. On miles of trails through the woods, my friend Kemper and I found beauty and got exercise. We wandered off the snowy trail several times and discovered lots of different animal tracks: turkey, fox, coyote, squirrel, rabbit, fisher cat and mice. Miraculous that they survive outside in freezing temperatures, perhaps finding home under boulders and rocky ledges, inside holes of dead and living trees.

Founds lots of animal tracks in the woods in the snow

Warm friendship kept the conversation going as we walked into the warmth and beauty of the Sirius community’s greenhouse, where a baby lemon tree and tender greens are growing this February: rainbow chard, parsley, cilantro, dinosaur, aka dino kale, Russian Kale grew, and plenty of Asian greens. How nice in New England that fresh greens can grow in the sun and warmth of a large greenhouse. There was a wood stove in the greenhouse, but it was not on and even on this cloudy day, it was very warm inside the greenhouse.

In February in Western MA, chard grows in a greenhouse

photos by Kemper Carlsen

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